2 comments on “I just want to weigh in on “Stop Online Piracy Act” and “PROTECT IP Act of 2011”.

  1. Great analysis! This “law” will basically say you can have free speech, as long as our corporate overlords deem it to be acceptable, and as long as they can make some money off of your speech or lack thereof. Sickening this law is even being debated. In my idealized view of America, any Congressman who proposed a bill like this would be laughed out of Congress…sigh


    • Thanks :) Yeah, this is just terrible. I really can’t believe that this is even being proposed either… I found out after writing this post that President Obama has openly stated that he WOULD veto these bills if they were to be passed by congress. That makes me a little bit more hopeful. My friends from Canada told me that they’d laugh at us if these laws were passed because we’re always talking about FREEDOM and all that! I think that they’d have every right to laugh.


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