2 comments on “I think love should always be simple.

  1. This post has really inspired me. I recently, well as in today started a blog basically about all the heartache I’ve been going through and I can’t talk to anyone about it because they don’t know who the real me is. What you wrote made me tear up a bit because all I want is to be able to LOVE who I LOVE and not feel like I’m going to be judged.


    • Yeah, society is really tough. There will always be people who think it’s okay to discriminate or look down upon other people’s love, but you’ll find that there are many who love freely and love in whatever manner you do :) I’ve faced some issues too… But you’ve just got to be strong and work toward being in a situation that allows you to be who you really are with people who accept you for it. :) Maybe your blog is the first step? Haha Be honest with yourself… I’ve decided to be very honest with all my friends, and if I lose people, then they weren’t worth keeping around. My mentality is that if they can’t accept me, then I can’t accept their friendship. And on top of that, they have no right to judge you. You have to be your own judge :)


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