2 comments on “Experience

  1. I completely, completely agree. I have two years of art school under my belt, which no employer is going to care about but which have taught me how to think creatively, come up with non-standard solutions, stay up until two in the morning every night for a week until a project is finished, understand and express my own opinions, talk about the visual aspects of ANYTHING, see details in everything, see my own work clearly without undervaluing it or thinking it’s amazing just because I made it, make friends who actually know a thing or two, get drunk the night before class and not have a hangover, just generally interact with other human beings, etc. I have no idea where the influence of those two years begins or where it ends. I’ve got about a year of community college now, and I guess maybe I’m going for a degree if I can’t get an apprenticeship as an electrician this summer, but I still don’t quite understand why I need that degree. To make money, yes. But I’d rather have a trade. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE learning. I listen to science podcasts nearly every morning, read and discuss interesting articles on the internet almost every day, read nonfiction and fiction books in my spare time, and if the show I’m watching isn’t a documentary/science show, it’s something amazingly well-written. I like to be mentally stimulated, and I love going to class. But most of what I know isn’t even going to be indicated in a degree. I can’t really put all of this down on a job application. And with employers caring more about job experience and a degree than about what I know as a person… Well, I’d rather have a trade where I can work with my hands, anyway.


    • Yeah, it’s the same for me. I’m always trying to learn more… I love documentaries and reading! I mean, I feel like I’m learning tons and that I know a lot of things, but that doesn’t mean anything to an employer. It’s like, you can have the broadest perspective, the most diverse background and skill set, but an employer really only cares about if you graduated from Yale or something… It’s garbage. I personally learned a lot from working on creative projects and writing these blog posts… Putting together teams of people to work on scripts and short films. This is where I got a lot of my experience. My only work experience is 9 months in retail because it’s pretty much impossible to get a job in this damn city… I’d need a degree to work at the mall or some shit. hahaha They use degrees as a way to pre-judge applicants and reduce the number of interviews they have to conduct.

      I hope you get that apprenticeship though! :) And all those things you learned from art school are very useful. I’ve been learning similar skills by working music! You know, for people like us, maybe we’ve just got to make our own alternatives to this system that’s in place?


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