2 comments on “Writing a Blog Post: In the Apple Store

  1. I find that the apple store is annoying as hell. And why do they have that many people working in there just standing around?


    • hahahaha You are absolutely right… The Apple store is overflowing people people, but I guess that if they got jacked for a laptop even, they’d be paying all those people anyway, so it’s KIND of worth it, but they should also probably be a little bit more useful than what they usually are. Sometimes, you ask them questions, and they can’t answer… And if someone’s going from Windows to Mac, they can’t answer any questions about Windows features or the Mac analogues for those features, so they aren’t that helpful in making the decision. The Apple motto is “Our stuff is really expensive so it’s better” which may or may not be true, but certainly can’t be ascertained through their assistance or the overflown nature of their staffing.


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