At the age of 16, I picked up a guitar for the first time. The six strings and wooden acoustic body were foreign to me, but when my fingers made contact with the fretboard, I fell in love. After practicing for several hours a day for many weeks, I decided to put my passion for words and poetry to work with the guitar. This experiment led to the creation of my “one man band” that I called Safe Sacrifice because of a lyric I had always misheard in My Chemical Romance’s “This Is The Best Day Ever.” I produced over 20 songs as Safe Sacrifice, the majority of which were recorded using a Rock Band microphone, Vox Valvetronic amplifier, and Stratocaster in my small bedroom that I shared with my brother during Sophomore and Junior year in high school. At the end of  2010, I produced two hip hop tracks for my senior project using FL Studio, the DAW that I used to create my drum tracks for Safe Sacrifice. These tracks were titled “The Revolution” and “Ray Bans.” I needed a new name to differentiate this work from what I had done in the past and through the fortune of having an ignorant uncle, I found one. It may seem to be a clever Top Gun reference, but the name Tommy Maverick actually came to being when my evangelical uncle called me a “blasphemous terrorist” after hearing Safe Sacrifice’s songs. I responded by saying that I was much more of a Maverick than a terrorist. When thinking about what to call myself as a producer, I took that word and just threw a more casual version of my birth name in front of it and checked to make sure that no one else was using that as a stage name. My classmates were impressed with my productions and actually didn’t believe that I made them. By the end of the 2010, people were actually referring to me by that name.

“Tommy Maverick” was created much in the way that superheroes were. I made a persona that was everything I wanted to be at the time… A fearless creative who wasn’t enslaved by societal constructs or limited to any genre or set of morals. I wanted freedom more than anything. Over time, I have become this person. My style incorporates EDM; rock and hip hop elements; sampling; remixing; and composition.


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