“Do you even blog, bro?”

I know I’ve been away for like MONTHS, but I’m coming back to post more often. It won’t be as frequently as before, but you’ll definitely see a lot more content from me in a variety of mediums :) It’s been hard to keep up with the blog because of all my other responsibilities, but I think that I’m finally gaining some control. I’ve been trying to learn as much as I can about music in the past few months. I’ve been in music courses for the last two semesters and spending all my free time trying to get better at what I do (read the new blog post) but I’ve had to try to make some more time for fun, a social life, and exercise.

Last night was my first time recording a musician in a professional studio! I was definitely nervous at first, but after 30 mins, I was totally comfortable. I get to go back in with the artist on Monday night and complete the recording process for his new track. I’ll have some video of the sessions up in a couple weeks. It’s definitely awesome to work on a track that means so much to the artist.

I would also like to announce that I’m part of Rhythm In Color Productions! Stop by our website and take a look at our previous work! We’ve got some more videos to be posted soon. Seriously, each project turns out better and better! Our specialty is covering the moments of your life that matter most and creating short films that you’ll be proud to share :) We’re in San Diego County and love what we do, so if you’ve got an event coming up that you need covered, send an email to contact@rhythmincolorpro.com!

— Tommy Maverick


3 comments on ““Do you even blog, bro?”

    • Thanks :) Yeah, I’m trying to really get that stage experience, you know? Like, my next blog post is going to be about “Praxis”, a Philosophy term that I saw in my girlfriend’s homework. haha Basically, I’ve realized that I spent a lot of time THINKING about things and how to do them, but I barely ever put those thoughts into practice. hahaha I don’t perform enough. I don’t write enough. I don’t make enough music. And that’s what I’m going to change starting ASAP! haha

      And the internship is going well. They REALLY like my entries so far :)


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