You must be new. *smiles* Don’t be shy, come on in! :)

Hi! I’m Tommy Maverick and THIS is my blog… Well, actually I’m trying out something a little bit different. I’m going for more a website-ish layout. The page that you are currently on will display recent news and updates. You’re probably like “WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR BLOG THOUGH!!!!????” Don’t trip, Potato Chip ;) All you’ve got to do is check out the “Content” tab at the top of the page and you’ll see it in a cute little drop-down menu :)

  1.  Tommy Maverick’s BLOG
  2.  My Productions
  3.  My Vlog

The first one is pretty self-explanatory. haha You click it, and you’re reading my blog. “My Productions” is a page that displays a playlist of my most recent musical productions. “My Vlog” will take you to a playlist of my most recent video blogs from YouTube :) It was mad hard to get those playlists to work on WordPress, but I hope that you enjoy them :) Let me know what you think in the comments sections on their respective pages or on right on the wall of my Facebook Page! Also, I’d really love it if you clicked the like button over on the side panel on the right of this page! My birthday is coming up, and I’m trying to reach a goal! If you really want me to love you, share my website with your friends! All you’ve got to do is copy the URL in the address bar and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr… There’s even buttons at the bottom of this post and EVERY POST ON THIS WEBSITE to do that! :)

You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking right HERE :)

Under “Connecting With Tommy Maverick” you’ll find links that take you to all the places where I am social! :) I am currently on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud and Instagram! You’ll only be able to check out my pictures on Instagram here, but you can follow me using your Instagram App on any Apple device! Just search for me and I should pop up :) My username is TommyMaverick. I have also set up a Formspring account where you can send me any questions, comments, or blog topics anonymously! I really love new questions and stuff… They make me feel fuzzy inside ;D hehe

Thanks for dropping by! I truly hope that you are doing well and that my videos and blog posts make your day a little bit better!

– Tommy Maverick

I know that I look really weird in this picture… It’s my failed attempt at hugging everyone who reads this post! ;) hahaha


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